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wanna talk?!

1.add me and be added :) comment & be commented!

2. Hi! I'm Leo 30, fr. Sweden (thats a country in EU). but that has very little to do w. why Im writing here.
The jorunal [info]ruriktochkase 
is a great illusration of the upsides and down sieds w. LJ.
The downside is very-well known to everyone who has ever bothered to read TOS. We all have no rights here. But 2 upside:
For example about a month ago I wrote a post that was called "generation D". Out of the blue came same people who have read that article, and they asked me to republish my post, in a paper journal that is distributed in 64 countries.(this type of "stuff" does not exactly happened everyday to me. so naturally I said YES!).
Now, during the same "wave" of events I was now all over the sudden asked to give an interview to a multinational TV-station.

2. what did I have to do?
Just spending some extra time to write an article + posting to a friending communities, such as this one.
Well? Well I have VERY hard time imagining the same turn of events happaning on ANY platform other platform. (ok, may be except youtube). In such short time, such possitive spiral.

3. So? so join me & do even better than me! :)
I'll be glad to see you all! Welcome! and if you wish to get some PR in my journal, you can freely write about your self in my LJ in this post: 
Who knows? may be that post will be usefull for you too?
Join me & do even better than me! :)

another post that is in English can be found HERE:

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